Suggested Curricula

The following broad framework is simply a generally accepted guide. We at Alderwood recognize that you are your child's primary teacher and are free to educate according to any curricula or methodology providing it meets the requirements for the state in which you reside. That being said, many of our Florida residents have had great success with Florida Virtual School´s FLEX program. FLVS is free to Florida residents. Alderwood can assist with meeting the educational requirements of the State of Florida, however, the parent-teacher is ultimately responsible for compliance with the laws of the state of residence.

The High School Curriculum page gives further detail for Florida graduation requirements.


Reading/Language Arts

K-1 Phonics
1-6 Reading
6-8 Literature/Composition


K-6 Arithmetic
7-8 Higher Math


World Language


1-6 Handwriting

1-6 Spelling

3-8 Composition


1-8 General Science

Social Studies

1-5 Social Studies

6-8 Focused studies
World History

US History

Healthy Living/PE



K-8 Art, Music